Studio 747 offers classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hiphop, Contemporary and Acro to dancers ages 3-18. Each registered student will be taught by an instructor who is passionate about teaching proper technique, and passing on their love for dance to their students, in a fun, welcoming and safe environment.

All Students will be registered according to their ages, and within the first month of dance their proper class placement will be assessed by the Director and Instructor.

Studio Fees

All classes are charged based on time in the studio, with class fees increasing as class time increases. Our studio runs from September to May, Excluding Holidays. Classes are billed based on a 32 week season, which does not include Christmas break, February Break, and Easter Break.  Every dancer is subject to a non-refundable registration fee.

Registration fee: $35.00

Class Cost

30 Minute Class – $26.00/mo.

45 Minute Class - $31.00/mo.

60 Minute Class - $37.00/mo.

75 Minute Class $43.00/mo. 

Stretch & Progressions Junior- $8.00/mo. 

Stretch & Progressions Intermediate - $10.00/mo. 

Stretch & Progressions Senior - $12.00/mo.

All monthly rates are to be multiplied by 8 for full season cost.

2020-2021 Tentative Schedule

Covid-19 Policy & Procedures

Waiver & Screening Tool

Dress Code Requirements

Personal Choreography form

Classes start September 8th

Costume and Competition fees for the 2020 season are currently under review

**No refunds will be given after October 15th for competition or costume fees**

Costume Fees 2019

Costumes for Tiny Tots & Primary - $66.60 per costume or $22.20/mo.

Costumes for all genres in Junior, Intermediate & Senior, including Boys Hip Hop - $88.80 per costume/per class or $29.60/mo.

Costumes for Recreational Hip Hop - $77.70 per costume or $25.90/mo.

Costume Fees are due by November 1st. Fees may be paid in full or be added to your monthly fees over the Sept/Oct/Nov months.

Competition Fees 2019

Competition Fees will be due by November 1st. Exact prices will be posted once venues are decided. Pre-payment estimates for every registered class attending competition. Payment may be made in full or be added to your monthly fees in Sept/Oct/Nov months. Please note the following prices are estimates and can be subject to change.

Pre-payment Estimates for competition

Groups- $23.00/competition

Solos/duets/trios- $25.00/competition